US Approves Sale of 24 More AH-64Es to Qatar

One of the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) AH-64Es from the first batch of 24 at Mesa during the hand over ceremony of the initial examples on March 14. US approval has been granted for purchase of a second batch of 24 for the QEAF. US Embassy in Qatar

US STATE Department approval has been granted for a possible Foreign Military Sale to Qatar of 24 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and related equipment, at an estimated cost of $3.0 billion.  The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced the approval on May 9 and stated that it had delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on the same day.

In addition to the 24 helicopters, the Government of Qatar has requested 52 T700-GE-701D engines (two per aircraft, four spares); 26 AN/ASQ-170 Modernized Target Acquisition and Designation Sight (MTADS) (one per aircraft, two spares); 26 AN/AAQ-11 Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensors (one per aircraft, two spare); eight AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radars (FCR) with Radar Electronics Unit (LONGBOW component); eight AN/APR-48 Modernized-Radar Frequency Interferometers (MRFI); 29 AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) (one per aircraft, five spares); 58 Embedded Global Positioning Systems with Inertial Navigation (EGI) (two per aircraft, ten spares); 2,500 AGM-114R Hellfire missiles; and 25 Hellfire Captive Air Training Missiles (CATM) (one per aircraft, one spare).

Also included are 28 M230 30mm automatic chain guns (one per aircraft, four spares), AN/AVR-2B laser detecting sets, AN/APR-39 Radar Signal Detecting Sets, AN/AVS-6 Night Vision Goggles, M299 Hellfire missile launchers, 2.75in Hydra rockets, 30mm cartridges, CCU-44 impulse cartridges, M206 and 211 countermeasure flares, M230 automatic guns and associated components, 2.75in rocket launcher tubes, AN/ARC-231 and AN/ARC-201D radios with associated components, AN/APX-123 transponders, image intensifiers, MUMT2i systems, AN/ARN-153 tactical airborne navigation systems, chaff, spare an repair parts, support equipment, training and training equipment, US Government and contractor engineering, technical and logistics support services, plus other related elements of logistics and programme support.

The proposed sale of these AH-64Es will supplement the Qatar Emiri Air Force’s previous procurement of 24 AH-64Es to meet its requirements for close air support, armed reconnaissance and anti-tank warfare missions.  The helicopters will provide a long-term defensive and offensive capability to the Qatar peninsula as well as enhance the protection of key oil and gas infrastructure and platforms.

The first helicopter from the initial batch of 24 AH-64Es was formally handed over at Boeing’s production facility in Mesa, Arizona, on March 14.  All 24 from this batch are scheduled for entry into service by May 2020.