Two More Rafales Delivered to Egyptian Air Force

Egyptian Air Force Rafale EMs 9254 and 9255 arriving in Cairo today following their delivery flight from France. Egyptian MOD

A FURTHER two Dassault Rafales for the Egyptian Air Force, serials 9254 and 9255, arrived in the country today, July 26, after a ferry flight from France.  Both were single-seat aircraft.

Under a contract signed in Cairo on February 16, 2015, the EAF is acquiring 24 of the type, comprising 16 two-seat Rafale DMs and eight single-seat Rafale EMs.  The first aircraft arrived in Cairo on July 21, 2015, all being two-seaters.  Three more twin-seat aircraft arrived on January 28, 2016.  These were followed by the first three single-seaters on April 4, 2017.

Today’s arrivals bring the total delivered to date to eleven, while a further three are due to arrive before the year-end.  The remaining ten are all due for delivery during 2018.  Negotiations are under way for a possible order for a further 12 aircraft.