TAI Flies First Hürkuş-B Trainer Prototype

The Hürkuş-B prototype, 17-101, taxies out for its maiden flight on January 29. TAI

TURKISH AEROSPACE Industries (TAI) conducted a successful maiden flight on January 29 of its Hürkuş-B prototype, 17-101.  Announcing the flight the following day, TAI said that it will now complete 90 flight hours of testing prior to first deliveries to the Turkish Air Force later this year.  TAI is already flying the Hürkuş-A, which is designed for civilian European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification.

Hürkuş-B is  markedly different form the A-model, being designed as a modern military trainer, with Martin-Baker Mk T16N ejection seats, full multi-function glass cockpit displays, mission computer and BAE Systems LiteHUD lightweight head-up display in the front cockpit.  It is also 225lb (100kg) lighter, faster and stronger than Hürkuş-A.  It is a more stable and more comprehensive design, according to TAI General Manager Temel Kotil

The Turkish Government has committed to purchase 15 Hürkuş-B for the Turkish Air Force, with options on a further 40.  TAI is also hopeful of gaining export orders for the type.