Sentinels in the Sky




The Pakistan Air Force looks up to its heroes, and never forgets them.  In the authors own words this book pays tribute to the selfless sacrifice of PAF’s gallant air warriors.  While many were killed in action, and became ‘Shaheeds’ others lived on are known as ‘Ghazis’.  This 526 page book brings them all together under one cover.  It starts off with three pioneers of the PAF; then the decorated Ghazi of 1948 War, Air Cdre MA Dogar,SJ; seven decorated Shaheed of the 1965 War; 46 decorated Ghazi of the 65 War; 19 decorated Shaheed of 24 decorated Ghazi go 1971 War and four Shaheens for fighting with allied nations in their conflicts.

Written by Gp Capt Muhammad Ali (Now Air Cdre) and Col (Retd) Azam Qadri, an Army officer with the highest regard for the PAF, the pair have delved deep into the archives, and visited relatives to find out more about these special people.