Pakistan celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mirages

50th Anniversary Markings for Pakistan Mirage

With the Pakistan Air Force celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Mirage III/V fleet this year, it has painted two Mirage VEFs in special markings.  One of the aircraft is a ROSE (Retrofit of Strike Element) III example, serving No 27 Sqn ‘Zarrar’ based at PAF Base Rafiqui.  The jet was seen by thousands on March 23 when it flew over Islamabad during the Pakistan Day.  It is one of two marked up to commemorate the PAF’s order for 18 Mirage IIIEPs, three Mirage IIIRPs and three Mirage IIIDPs in 1967.  The other aircraft was on overhaul at PAC Kamra in late-April.  Alan Warnes