Global 6000s Delivered to Turkey for EW Conversion

The first two Bombardier Global 6000s for conversion into EW aircraft for the Turkish Air Force, with C-GBYG (c/n 9854) in the foreground, on the ramp at Akinci ready for commencement of the conversion process. SSB

TWO BOMBARDIER Global 6000 business jets have been delivered to Turkey for conversion into electronic warfare special mission aircraft under the Hava SOJ (Stand-Off Jammer) programme. Turkey’s Savunma Sanayii Başkanliği (SSB – Undersecretariat for Defence Industries), which is overseeing the project, announced the arrival of the aircraft at the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) facilities at Akinci Air Base, Ankara, yesterday, March 15. The first one is C-GBYG (c/n 9854), but the identity of the other is not yet confirmed. Both are still unpainted and unmodified ‘green’ airframes.
The SSB awarded a contract to local company Aselsan on August 9, 2018, for development and delivery of four Hava SOJ stand-off jammer aircraft to the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (THK – Turkish Air Force), with first delivery scheduled for 2023 and the final aircraft entering service in 2025. At the time, the SSB said that all of the electronic warfare systems to be installed in the aircraft will be developed and produced domestically. The programme will largely depend on local industry, in particular Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), which will modify the airframe and integrate the Aselsan systems on it, with technical support from the aircraft manufacturer.
The Hava SOJ system is an evolution of the land-based Kara SOJ, system, which was initially known as Koral. Additional sub-systems for Hava SOJ will include communication, radar electronic support and electronic attack equipment. Previously, it had been reported by local media that Aselsan was negotiating with Gulfstream for provision of the aircraft, but since then Bombardier has obviously been selected as the supplier of the platform for Hava SOJ.
Hava SOJ is intended to detect and identify enemy communication systems and radars (air defence, early warning etc), find their positions and confuse and deceive them so that they cannot be used against friendly forces, particularly in cross-border operations. It will be able to suppress enemy air defence surveillance, while also providing a long-range detection and jamming capability. Critical mission systems equipment, software and special algorithms will all be designed by Aselsan. The aircraft’s systems will have wide-band frequency coverage, high-powered jamming output, precision direction finding and geolocation for radar and communication signals and active electronically scanned array technology.