First Six Afghan UH-60As to Arrive Next Week

The first ex-US Army UH-60A+ Black Hawk for the Afghan Air Force, completed and awaiting delivery last month. The ‘SDAF’ sticker in the cockpit window refers to the Special Defense Acquisition Fund, which is being used to speed-up initial delivery of these helicopters. Operation Resolute Support

AFGHANISTAN’S MINISTRY of Defence announced yesterday, September 16, that it expects to take delivery of its first six UH-60A+ Black Hawks next week.  As we have previously reported on Warnsey’s World, Operation Resolute Support officials announced on August 15 that the first of an initial 53 ex-US Army examples for the Afghan Air Force (AAF) had been completed, tested and were ready for delivery.

MOD spokesman Dawlat Waziri said: We need Black Hawks to overcome a number of challenges including transferring supplies, eradicating enemy strongholds, evacuating patients and wounded and also transferring supplies to check-posts that are located in mountains.”  An eventual total of 159 Black Hawks are planned for delivery to the AAF to completely replace its Mi-17 fleet.