First Batch of Mi-28UBs Ready for Delivery to Russian Air Force

New production Mi-28UB ‘215 Blue’ at the factory in Rostov-on-Don on October 4 awaiting delivery. The first series production examples are due to be handed over to the Russian Air Force next month. Russian MOD

RUSSIAN HELICOPTERS has completed all factory tests of the first batch of Mi-28UB training and combat helicopters for the Russian Air Force.  The company confirmed iduring a press conference at the Rostvertol factory in Rostov-on-Don on October 19 that this first batch is now ready for hand over to the Russian Ministry of Defence and will be delivered next month, November.  Helicopters from the first production batch seen recently at the factory include ‘01 White’, ‘06 White’, ‘08 White’, ‘15 Red’, ‘214 Blue’ and ‘215 Blue’, which are likely to be among the first to be delivered.

The Russian Ministry of Defence announced on April 24, 2016, that it had signed a contract with Russian Helicopters for the first batch of 24 series production Mi-28UBs, which are all to be delivered by the end of 2018.  As previously reported on Warnsey’s World, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced on September 1 that the first eight of these helicopters are scheduled to enter service before the end of this year.

The Mi-28UB is the new dual control training variant of the Night Hunter, which can be flown from both the command cockpit and the weapon system operator’s cockpit.  In addition to training of military pilots, in an emergency situation during combat, if the pilot is incapacitated, the second crew member can take control of the helicopter.  The Mi-28UB also allows simulation of equipment failure in flight to enable trainee pilots experience in dealing with a crisis situation.

After completing a major programme of factory and state tests with the first Mi-28UB prototype at the end of 2015, the helicopter was launched into series production.   In addition to training, the Mi-28UB is still fully combat capable and is equipped with an upgraded integrated avionics system.  The use of this system enables more efficient search, detection, recognition and striking of ground and air targets.  To improve cockpit ergonomics, design of the helicopter fuselage was changed and the Mi-28UB has extended an cabin, larger armoured glazing and an improved view from operator’s cockpit.  To enhance combat survivability, it is equipped with a new on-board self-protection system.