Belarus Hands-Over Four MiG-29s to Serbia

Two of the four ex-Belarus MiG-29s that were handed over to Serbia on February 22 at 558 ARP in Baranovichi. Serbian MOD

SERBIA’S MINISTRY of Defence announced today, February 25, that it has accepted four MiG-29 Fulcrums from Belarus.  The aircraft were formally handed-over on February 22 during a ceremony in Belarus at the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant (558th ARP) at Baranovichi.  A delegation from the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence attended the ceremony, including Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

The aircraft will be delivered to Serbia after completion of overhaul at the 558th ARP.  Images of the hand-over show the aircraft in Serbian markings, without serials, but stickers on the noses of two of them show construction numbers 2960718708 and 2960715133.  Delivery of these aircraft through a military-technical co-operation agreement between Belarus and Serbia bring the total number of MiG-29s in Serbian service to 14, including six recently delivered from Russia, two of which were twin-seat MiG-29UBs.