Austrian Air Force’s First DA40NGs Delivered

Diamond DA40NG 3H-DB was one of the first two handed over to the Austrian Air Force at Zeltweg on May 3. Diamond Aircraft

DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Industries GmbH has delivered the first two of four single-engine DA40NG aircraft ordered in August 2017 by the Austrian Air Force for flight training.  An acceptance ceremony for them, serials 3H-DA and 3H-DB, was held on May 3 at Zeltweg Air Base, Austria, in the presence of the Austrian Federal Defence Minister Mario Kunasek and the Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology Norbert Hofer.  The remaining two, 3H-DC and 3H-DD, will be delivered in September.

The DA40NGs will be used for flight aptitude selection testing; IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) training of military pilots for retraining and for obtaining a pilot licence; requirements for civil IFR certification according to civil EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations.  Diamond says the type was selected due to its forgiving flight handling characteristics, great visibility for the student for the flight instructor as well as being able to cover as many elements of training as possible.  Another important aspect was the implementation of a single-fuel-concept, meaning every aircraft type of the Austrian Armed Forces can be fuelled with the same type of fuel, Jet-A1. The DA40NG is equipped with the Austro Engine AE300 168 PS jet-fuel engine.

Amila Spiegel, Director Sales & Marketing, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, said: “In the past we have already successfully rented the DA40 to the Austrian Armed Forces and were happy about the great collaboration.  We are very glad and honoured to include the Austrian Armed Forces to a long list of fleet customers now.  The DA40 NG not only is very fuel-efficient but also is the perfect plane for a successful training organization.  We are convinced that the Austrian Armed Forces found the right screening aircraft for flight aptitude selection testing.”