Argentina Takes Delivery of Two More T-6Cs

One of the previously delivered Argentina Air Force T-6C+ Texan IIs, E-306, at its base at Córdoba on February 18. FAA

TWO ADDITIONAL Beechcraft T-6C+ Texan IIs were delivered to the Fuerza Aérea Argentina (FAA – Argentine Air Force) on February 26, when they arrived at the Escuela de Aviación Militar (EAM – School of Military Aviation) at Córdoba. Eight of the type are already in service with the EAM’s Escuadrón Texan.  The FAA has a total of 12 on order and the remaining two are expected to follow shortly to complete the acquisition.

As previously reported on Warnsey’s World, the first four from the initial order left the factory in Wichita, Kansas, on delivery on September 27, 2017.  A further two followed in June 2018 and two more in September 2018.  A supplemental contract for the 12 aircraft was awarded to Beechcraft by the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Center to Textron Aviation Defense on February 8.  This covers maintenance and pilot training, plus interim contract support for maintenance.

The US Department of Defense announcement of the latest deal also stated that, in addition to their pilot training role as part of the Curso Básico Conjunto de Aviador Militar (CBCAM – Joint Basic Military Aviation Course), they would be used for “the enhancement of the Argentina Air Force surveillance and border security mission.”  This additional contract is due for completion by June 30, 2021.